Musikfest Surprise

Surprises from time to time simply offer a little zest, don’t they? Going to a concert with perhaps only a vague idea of what awaits and anticipating with even greater curiosity the “unheard of” — this is the tempting opportunity offered by MUSIC FESTIVAL SURPRISE! Whether unusual combinations of performers and groups, unconventional forms of presentation, unexpected bridges joining seemingly unrelated areas or the premiere of a new project — MUSIC FESTIVAL SURPRISE jumbles styles, blurs boundaries and fixed concepts of genres and, in doing so, mirrors ever-fascinating facets of the world language of music. Discover the Japanese trumpeter Takuya Kuroda, follow the footsteps of Dee Dee Bridgewater’s tribute to her home town Memphis or experience the intensity of the art of percussion with the young Esegesi Percussion Quartet! The rows of seats traditionally found in classic concert halls are gone, replaced by a club atmosphere with small tables and chairs, open seating and beverage service.



Musikfest Surprise I: »Zigzagger«

Tuesday , 29. August , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise II: »Dee Dee Bridgewater's Memphis«

Wednesday , 30. August , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise III: »Schlagzeug satt!«

Thursday , 31. August , 9:00 pm