30th Musikfest


The Bremen Music Festival celebrates 30 years under the uninterrupted artistic leadership of Professor Thomas Albert — 30 years of exploration, pioneer spirit, delight in experimentation, a searching for the unusual! And you will find all these elements that have made the previous Festivals so outstanding in this year’s milestone anniversary edition as well.

Exploration — since 1989, this has been the domain of the »Independents«, the music ensembles founded as performing groups without specific ties who serve solely their own artistic vision bonding them and their leaders. The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Pygmalion, Le Concert Spirituel, Gli Angeli Genève, the Cappella Marian, the Aurora Orchestra and, the »local favourites«, the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen will realise their visions as a perfectly natural part of the Festival’s programming.

Pioneer spirit — represented by the prudent and careful mining over the years of the potential to weave a web binding the Bremen Music Festival with the north-west region and to musically revitalise cultural spaces of historical significance, all following the slogan »Away with the dykes in the mind!« We continue to fulfil this aspiration at our traditional guest venues as well as at new performance sites in the region — and have yet another milestone anniversary to celebrate: the 10th Arp Schnitger Festival featuring the work of the organ builder from the Wesermarsch, which in 2019 coincides with the 300th anniversary of his death. This series that is integrated into the Festival pays reverence to his outstanding creations and to the influential composers of his time. Over the years, it has attracted previously unknown medial attention to this rich thematic complex, a worthy tribute to Schnitger and the singular heritage of the organ paradise around Bremen that is unique in all of Europe.

Delight in experimentation — an element represented by 30 years of unfamiliar repertoire and sounds, unexpected constellations of artists, new forms of presentation. Nor is it a coincidence — Bremen law gives you three chances! — that a third milestone anniversary can also be celebrated: 10 years MUSIC FESTIVAL SURPRISE. Look forward to the building of new bridges between genres, styles and cultures!

Searching for the unusual — the leitmotiv running throughout the programming from beginning to end. Naturally, that also includes celebrated artist personalities whose tremendous passion always stamps their presentations with the seal of a special experience such as Anna Netrebko and Diana Damrau (who we will be welcoming for the first time) or Bejun Mehta, Rudolf Buchbinder, Khatia Buniatishvili, Martin Grubinger and Fazil Say. And then there are the conductors such as Teodor Currentzis and Jérémie Rhorer who, as the leaders of their own ensembles, have set benchmarks with their single-minded own artistic self-understanding at previous Festivals. You will have the opportunity to experience two of the world’s most beloved and most frequently performed operas — Mozart’s »Così fan tutte« and Verdi’s »La traviata« — as never before heard in Bremen when these two artists conduct their interpretations with historical instruments and practise.

All of this and much more will be offered at the anniversary celebration, our gifts first and foremost to you, our audiences; artistically sophisticated presentations of supreme quality ranging from effusive joie de vivre to melancholy to contemplative profundity — virtuoso, moving, captivating, unique!

The realisation of the Festival programme is assured above all by the tremendous engagement of numerous partners from the private business sector as well as by the funding provided by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media and the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen.

The Bremen Music Festival thanks all sponsors, supporters, partners and friends.