Familienkonzert: »The Square of Mr. Sax«



Familienkonzert: »The Square of Mr. Sax«

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (© Boy Hazes)

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (© Boy Hazes)

Sunday , 08.09.19 - 4:00 pm

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gioacchino

Rossini, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Maurice Ravel, György Ligeti,

Charles Mingus, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Guillermo Lago

A production of Oorkaan


four exuberant members of the Ebonit Quartet who take such joy in their

playing have decided they want to move around like a real marching

band. That sounds like a lot of fun! But what happens when one of them

tires and their joint music-making no longer flows as smoothly as

before? Or what if one of the members of the quartet receives a love

letter that makes the others jealous? And just who is this Mr Sax for

whom the square where they are playing is named? The quartet only begins

to reveal this secret when the door to his mysterious house opens....

»The Square of Mr Sax« is a buoyant parade full of wit and situation

comedy that spans a musical arc from Bach and Rossini to Mendelssohn

Bartholdy and Ravel to Charles Mingus and Antônio Carlos Jobim in

arrangements for saxophone quartet.

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet
Jochem Stavenuiter Direction
Marijn van der Jagt Dramaturgy
Hester Jolink Scenography
Johanna Trudzinski Costumes
Tom Verheijen Lighting design

Tickets: Adults € 18 (erm. € 12), Children € 6
Family ticket € 33 (4 Persons, at most 2 Adults)