Musikfest Surprise II: »Bridges«



Musikfest Surprise II: »Bridges«

Yazz Ahmed (© Giulietta Verdon-Roe)

Yazz Ahmed (© Giulietta Verdon-Roe)

Wednesday , 04.09.19 - 9:00 pm

Works (among others) from the Album »La Saboteuse«

The trumpeter, flugelhorn player and composer Yazz Ahmed was born in Bahrain in 1983, then moved to Great Britain at the age of nine. How logical that she combines the cultural influences of these two worlds in her music, particularly since she can approach the very special scales of Arabian music closely with her quarter-tone flugelhorn that has been developed especially. She considers the style designation of »psychedelic Arabic jazz« coined by a journalist to be highly apt and confesses: »I love the sound of Arabic music«. Nevertheless, she is indifferent to boundaries or genres, and that has led her to work with groups such as Radiohead or These New Puritans. The impressions she has gained from her experience in indie rock and electro-acoustic music are also incorporated with playful lightness and tremendous curiosity into her approach to jazz music as well. She weaves wave-like rhythms, Arabic melodies and her own very special sonorous lines into a fascinating sound carpet that calls to mind breathtaking images and atmospheres!

Yazz Ahmed Quartet:
Yazz Ahmed
Dave Manington Bass
Ralph Wyld Vibraphone
Martin France

Tickets: € 30 (reduced 22)

presented by dodenhof
and swb-Bildungsinitiative