»Römischer Kolossalbarock«



»Römischer Kolossalbarock«

Le Concert Spirituel (© Guy Vivien)

Le Concert Spirituel (© Guy Vivien)

Friday , 06.09.19 - 8:00 pm

Orazio Benevolo: Missa si deus pro nobis à 16 voci, Magnificat à 16 voci
added by Music of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Claudio Monteverdi and Girolamo Frescobaldi

Orazio Benevolo (1605–1672) was one of the most prominent composers of the Roman colossal baroque style with its extravagant polyphony. He crowned his career in his home city in 1646 with the direction of the choir of St Peter’s Basilica, the famous Cappella Giulia, a position he held until his death. His presentation of the space of the church as well as of the music was masterful, achieved by a skilful distribution of the voices. Hervé Niquet has selected Benevolo’s monumental mass »Si Deus pro nobis« and his Magnificat, each for 16 voices, for the formidable singers and instrumentalists of his historical practise ensemble Le Concert Spirituel. Following the musical dramatic staging of a baroque Roman liturgy for the mass, the French conductor intersperses Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony from Palestrina to Monteverdi between the sections. The result? An overwhelming spatial sound experience that exploits its opulent multiple-voice texture to bring to life the musical display of splendour of the baroque period in St Peter’s!

Le Concert Spirituel Vocal and Instrumental ensemble
Hervé Niquet Direction

Tickets: € 45 / 25 / Listening positions: € 15 (reduced 20 %)

presented by EWE

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