19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Capricornus Consort Basel (© Harald Hoffmann)

Capricornus Consort Basel (© Harald Hoffmann)

Tuesday , 29.08.23 - 8:00 pm

Recorder concertos and chamber music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Christoph Graupner, Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Friedrich Fasch

Stefan Temmingh has well and truly done away with the age-old (unfair!) image of the recorder as a somewhat pitiful instrument deserving of ridicule. The South African recorder player's lively performance is deeply nuanced, dynamic and rich in colour, his dazzling virtuosity going hand in hand with profound musical expression. In his programme »Bach's Rivals - Leipzig 1723« he shines a light on a special moment in music history: After Johann Kuhnau died in June 1722, the Leipzig city council was looking for a successor for the post of Thomaskantor.  Of course we now all know that would be Johann Sebastian Bach - but he was not the first choice! Three other promising candidates were up for discussion: Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Friedrich Fasch and Christoph Graupner. Telemann declined for financial reasons, Graupner's employer in Darmstadt did not want to let him go and Fasch opted for the position of Kapellmeister at the Zerbst court. With the Capricornus Consort Basel, Temmingh juxtaposes Bach's Concerto in F major BWV 1057, an arrangement of the Fourth Brandenburg Concerto, with works by his equal competitors – with the recorder at the centre as a virtuosic and unifying feature!

Capricornus Consort Basel
Stefan Temmingh
Sebastian Wienand harpsichord
Péter Barczi baroque violin and conductor

Tickets: € 25 / 18 (reduction 20 %)

in cooperation with Landkreis Ammerland

Bus shuttle Bremen - Rastede - Bremen / Departure and arrival times:
Departure Domsheide: 06:45 pm
Concert start: 08:00 pm
Departure venue: approx. 10:00 pm
Arrival Domsheide: approx. 11:00 pm
Ticket price: 17 EUR
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