19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023



»Beethovens Cellosonaten« / wichtiger Hinweis

Nicolas Altstaedt (© Marco Borggreve)|Alexander Lonquich (© Cecopato Photography)

Nicolas Altstaedt (© Marco Borggreve)|Alexander Lonquich (© Cecopato Photography)

Sunday , 21.08.22 - 8:00 pm

Unfortunately, it has only now become clear during the final coordination between the festival, management and artists for the concert preparations: Nicolas Altstaedt and Alexander Lonquich will not be able to perform Beethoven's cello sonatas on period instruments as announced. Instead, the cycle will be interpreted by Nicolas Altstaedt on his Guadagnini cello from 1749 with steel strings and by Alexander Lonquich on the Steinway grand piano of the Glocke. Postponed from previous years due to the pandemic, Nicolas Altstaedt will perform at the famous Open Air Prinsengrachtconcert in Amsterdam on the eve of the Bremen performance. This circumstance makes it impossible for the cellist to convert his instrument for Bremen so quickly for use with gut strings. We regret this and ask for your understanding, but at the same time we are all the more pleased that despite this new situation neither the line-up nor the programme of the concert will change!

Ludwig van Beethoven: Cello Sonatas No. 1 in F major op. 5/1, No. 2 in G minor op. 5/2, No. 3 in A major op. 69, No. 4 in C major op. 102/1 and No. 5 in D major op. 102/2

The performance of Beethoven’s five cello sonatas in chronological order in one night is revelatory: They encompass all three eras of the composer’s work and thus reflect the very different stages of his development. Whereas in the first two the brilliance of the budding virtuoso dominates, Beethoven develops an equal musical dialogue in the later sonatas. Nicolas Altstaedt and Alexander Lonquich, who have been playing recitals together for years, dedicate themselves to the cycle on historical instruments: Altstaedt plays a Guadagnini cello from 1749 with gut strings, while Lonquich plays a Graf pianoforte from 1826, with which they conjure up a plethora of colours, vibrancy and expression. With intensity and depth on the one hand and subtlety and careful phrasing on the other, they create a striking tension and impulsive energy that suggest that even Beethoven must have had fun creating the modern cello sonata.

Nicolas Altstaedt violon cello
Alexander Lonquich piano

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