19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Orchester des 18. Jahrhunderts (© Annelies van der Vegt)

Orchester des 18. Jahrhunderts (© Annelies van der Vegt)

Tuesday , 30.08.22 - 8:00 pm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 17 in G major KV 453 (fortepiano Lagrassa, 1815)
Michail Glinka: Trio pathétique in D minor (fortepiano Pleyel, 1842)
Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 98 in B flat major Hob. I:98

Alexander Melnikov has established himself without much PR fanfare as one of the most exciting and versatile pianists of our time. Especially on the fortepiano, the predecessor of the modern grand piano, he convinces audiences with his pronounced sense of refinement, to which he adds that decisive bit of tension, liveliness and improvisational sparkle, as if he were made for Mozart's piano concerto in G major from 1784. It is one of his most cheerful concertos, but according to musicologist Alfred Einstein it is also "full of secret smiles and secret sadness". The Orchestra of the Eighteenth century, founded by Frans Brüggen, are the perfect partners for Melnikov to fathom these abysses. In addition, two beautiful but rarely heard works can be heard: Haydn's 98th symphony is today unjustly one of the lesser-known of his twelve London symphonies, despite its wealth of wit and musical ideas, and Michail Glinka's trio pathétique with its unusual instrumentation. The Russian composer wrote it in Italy in 1832 under the influence of unrequited love and gave it a passionate, melancholy tone ...

Orchester des 18. Jahrhunderts
Eric Hoeprich clarinet
Hugo Arteaga bassoon
Alexander Melnikov fortepiano and direction

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