19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Alfredo Bernardini (© Foppe Schut)

Alfredo Bernardini (© Foppe Schut)

Sunday , 20.08.23 - 7:00 pm

Johann Friedrich Fasch: Concerto in G major FaWV L:G9
Giovanni Battista Bononcini: »Proteo sul Reno« for five singers, two oboes, strings and b. c.

»Katharinas Hofmusik V« (Catherine’s Court Music V) – the fifth stage of the voyage of discovery around the musical world of the European Enlightenment and the Russian Tsarina, who was formally sovereign of the dominion of Jever from 1793. The starting point is, as has become tradition, Johann Friedrich Fasch, who was kapellmeister at her home residence in Zerbst from 1722 to 1758. Giovanni Battista Bononcini in turn was a composer, who like many others at this time, travelled throughout Europe. In addition to stays in Bologna, Rome, Venice, Paris, London and Berlin, he also spent part of his life in Vienna. In his Serenata »Proteo sul Reno«, premiered at the Court Theatre in 1703 on the occasion of Joseph I's birthday, he used the Baroque style with great skill to dramatically emphasise emotions. Alfredo Bernardini and his team of tutors will frame the third »Katharinas Hofmusik« atelier with young musicians from all over the world around this work that has been rescued from oblivion. The sources are unclear, but it could well be that they will present the German premiere of Bononcini's Serenata in Jever!

Participants of the Musikfest Atelier »Katharinas Hofmusik V«
Alfredo Bernardini

Tickets: standard price € 25 (reduced € 20)

supported by NORDMETALL-Stiftung and Barthel Stiftung
in cooperation with Landkreis Friesland

Bus shuttle Bremen - Jever - Bremen / Departure and arrival times:
Departure Domsheide: 05:00 pm
Start of concert: 07:00 pm
Departure venue: approx. 09:20 pm
Arrival Domsheide: approx. 10:40 pm
Ticket price: 20 EUR
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