19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Asmik Grigorian (© Algirdas Bakas) und Lukas Geniušas (© Ira Polyarnaya)

Asmik Grigorian (© Algirdas Bakas) und Lukas Geniušas (© Ira Polyarnaya)

Sunday , 27.08.23 - 8:00 pm

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky:
»Sred shumnovo bala« (Amid the din of the ball ) op. 38/3
»Snova, kak prezhde, odin« (Again, as before, alone) op. 73/6
»Net, tol'ko tot, kto znal« (Only he who knows longing) op. 6/6
»Sljoza drozhit« (A tear trembles) op. 6/4
»Blagoslavljaju was, lesa« (I bless you, forests) op. 47/5
»Ne sprashivai« (Do not ask) op. 57/3
Romance in F minor op. 5 (Piano solo)
Scherzo humoristique in D major op. 19/2 (Piano solo)

Sergei Rachmaninov:
»V molchan'ji nochi tajnoj« (In the silence of the secret night) op. 4/3
»Ne poj, krasavica« (Do not sing to me, my beauty) op. 4/4
»Ditya kak tsvetok tï prekrasna« (My child, you are as beautiful as a flower) op. 8/2
»Son« (Dream) op. 8/5
»Vesennije vody« (Spring waters) op. 14/11
»O, ne grusti« (Oh, do not grieve for me) op. 14/8
»Ja zhdu tebja« (I am waiting for you) op. 14/1
Preludes op. 32 No. 12 and 13 (Piano solo)
»Sumerki« (Twilight) op. 21/3
»Zdes' khorosho« (how nice it is here) op. 21/7
»My otdokhnyom« (We shall rest) op. 26/3
»Dissonans« (Dissonance) op. 34/13

The songs are sung in Russian.

What a voice! Powerful as well as flexible with a glowing intensity, captivatingly versatile and expressive - simply electrifying. Asmik Grigorian is undisputedly one of the most in demand singers in the international world of opera today. The Lithuanian soprano’s definitive breakthrough came with her performance of Salome at the 2018 Salzburg Festival. Since then, she has been triumphant in other roles such as Senta, Jenufa, Rusalka and Manon Lescaut on the opera stages of Bayreuth, Vienna, London, Berlin and Milan. Asmik Grigorian now makes her Musikfest debut alongside the Russian-Lithuanian pianist Lukas Geniušas, winner of the silver medal at the 2010 Warsaw Chopin Competition and the 2015 Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition. The carefully selected songs and romances by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov are complex mini-dramas that deal with the great emotions of unrequited love, rejection, farewell, grief and loneliness - tailor-made for a passionate and charismatic singer and actress of Asmik Grigorian's calibre!

Asmik Grigorian soprano
Lukas Geniušas piano

Tickets: € 65 / 55 / 45 / 35 / 18 (reduction 20 %)

with friendly support of Silvia Jacobs