28. AUGUST – 18. SEPTEMBER 2021

Literarisch-Musikalisches Kabinett: »Vivaldi und seine Töchter«



Literarisch-Musikalisches Kabinett: »Vivaldi und seine Töchter«

Kristina Maidt-Zinke & Peter Schneider (© beide privat)

Kristina Maidt-Zinke & Peter Schneider (© beide privat)

Sunday , 29.08.21 - 3:30 pm

Reading from Peter Schneiders novel »Vivaldi and his daughters« as well as music by Antonio Vivaldi

Estimated concert duration 60 minutes

The literary and music critic Kristina Maidt-Zinke, who was born in Bremen, turns to Peter Schneider's novel »Vivaldi und seine Töchter« (Vivaldi and his daughters) for the Musikfest’s »Literary-Musical Cabinet«. The author goes on the trail of the Venetian violin virtuoso, composer and ordained priest (1678 - 1741) who worked at the Ospedale della Pietà orphanage in his hometown. There, he instructed musically gifted girls and founded Europe’s first all-female orchestra, for which he wrote a many of his concerts. On top of that, Vivaldi was active as a conductor, composer and agent in the flourishing opera business, a world hungry for ever-new sensations. There, his close relationship with a pupil, the prima donna Anna Giró, fuelled the lagoon city’s rumour mill… Selected passages from the book are alternated with conversations between the moderator and the author, who will talk about his novel and the research for it. Europa Galante provides the musical accompaniment, featuring a selection of Vivaldi’s celebrated work, which was forgotten soon after his death, only experiencing a renaissance in the early 20th century.

Peter Schneider Reading
Kristina Maidt-Zinke Concept and Moderation
Europa Galante Baroque ensemble
Fabio Biondi Violin and Direction

Tickets: € 25 (reduced € 20)
Combined ticket together with »News from Vivaldi« in "Stadttheater Bremerhaven" at 7.30 p. m. (reduced 15 %)

supported by NORDMETALL-Stiftung and NORDMETALL
and »Freunde Musikfest Bremen in Bremerhaven«

Bus-Shuttle Bremen - Bremerhaven - Bremen:
Departure Domsheide: 1.45 p. m.
Beginning of the concert: 3.30 p. m.
Departure concert location: about 5.15 p. m.
Ankunft Domsheide: about 6.30 p. m.
Fare round trip: 14 EUR
Tickets at »Ticket-Service in der Glocke« (0421 / 33 66 99, Monday to Friday 10-18 o'clock, on Saturday 10-15 o'clock) ask any questions at »Musikfest-Hotline« (0421 / 33 66 77.)

Please note:
If you are interested as well in visiting the concert »News from Vivaldi« at 7.30 p. m. in "Stadttheater Bremerhaven" you can also use the Bus-Shuttle afterwords.