19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Christina Pluhar (© Michal Novak) und Valer Sabadus (© Michal Novak)

Christina Pluhar (© Michal Novak) und Valer Sabadus (© Michal Novak)

Saturday , 02.09.23 - 8:00 pm

»Miracolo d'amore - da Venezia a Napoli«: works by Andrea Falconiero, Pietro Andrea Ziani, Luigi Rossi, Giovanni Legrenzi, Claudio Monteverdi, Lorenzo Allegri, Francesco Cavalli, Antonio Cesti, Girolamo Kapsberger, Tarquinio Merula and Giovanni Felice Sances

At the turn of the late Renaissance and the Baroque, Italy was brimming with an intense musical life whose innovations fundamentally changed the history of music. Nobility and clergy as well as rival trading cities used music as a show of power and wealth. At the same time, music was commercialised, with more and more newly opened theatres and opera houses competing for the general public. The strongest impulses came from Venice, Naples and Rome, with Claudio Monteverdi, Francesco Cavalli and Luigi Rossi among the key musical figures. With »Miracolo d'amore«, 17th century Italian music expert Christina Pluhar has created a programme that represents this immensely rich and diverse cultural heritage. Famous and celebrated for their unique sense for colourful interpretations, joyful playing and love of improvisation, she and her ensemble L'Arpeggiata will roll out a musical red carpet for the countertenor Valer Sabadus, on which he can let his seductively dazzling voice swing with beguiling freedom!

L'Arpeggiata instrumental ensemble
Valer Sabadus countertenor
Christina Pluhar theorbo, concept, arrangements and conductor

Tickets: € 68 / 58 / 48 / 38 / 18 (reduction 20 %)

in cooperation with Philharmonische Gesellschaft Bremen