19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023



»Musikfest goes Overseas«

Theo Croker (© Cred Leighton Pope)

Theo Croker (© Cred Leighton Pope)

Saturday , 03.09.22 - 7:00 pm

Songs from China Moses' album »Nightintales« and from Theo Croker's »Star People Nation«, »Blk2life || A Future Past« and from the album »Love quantum«

With his powerful and provocative music, the American trumpeter, songwriter and producer Theo Croker has recently focused more on his African heritage. Combining the best of post-bop, soul, jazz, blues, funk and hip-hop in his songs, he tells a haunting story about the origins, present and future of black culture in the USA. "If we want the future to shine brightly, then we must name the past in the present," says Theo Croker. With the firm belief that his music is as free as his imagination, he has found an equal partner in China Moses. With her warm, dark and versatile voice she mixes jazz, soul and R 'n' B in her songs to tell stories based on personal experience. From the universal origins of Afro-American culture in the past, they bridge the gap to their roots in the present and create music that transcends genres - an ode to creativity and jazz in all its forms!

Theo Croker & China Moses & special guests

Tickets: parquet € 50 / 40, grandstand € 30 / 20 (reduced 20%)

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