20. AUGUST – 10. SEPTEMBER 2022



Musikfest Surprise I: »Partager l'ambulance«

Misc Misc (© Marc-André Laurin)

Misc Misc (© Marc-André Laurin)

Tuesday , 30.08.22 - 9:00 pm

Works from the album »Partager l'ambulance« etc.

The Canadian trio Misc follows in the footsteps of the powerful and energetic contemporary jazz of E.S.T., Polar Bear and Phronesis. The musicians constantly question the jazz tradition they come from and flirt unashamedly with pop, rock and electronic music. These influences are reflected in powerful, catchy grooves and melodies, an incredibly wide range of percussion instruments and the skillful use of a variety of expressive effects. The title and cover of their current album »Partager l'ambulance« already tell us: We are all sitting in an ambulance the size of a planet that is dangerously close to not making it to the hospital in time! From this post-apocalyptic image in a time of uncertainty emerges a highly energetic sound that defies genres and might be described as experimental jazz-rock. With pulsating, atmospheric pieces as well as wistful, but equally stirring melodies, Misc reinvents the piano trio - and launches it into the future!

Jérôme Beaulieu piano and keybords
Jérémie Roy bass and double bass
William Côté percussion

Tickets: € 30 (reduced € 24)

presented by dodenhof and swb