Musikfest Surprise II: »Dear Esther«



Musikfest Surprise II: »Dear Esther«

Wednesday , 05.09.18 - 9:00 pm

»Dear Esther« - Live Score, Live Game

The barren, deserted and storm-swept landscape of a Hebridian island, memories of a fatal crash and a voice that opens with the words »Dear Esther...« — this is the start of the indie game experiment launched by the independent studio »The Chinese Room« in 2012. It rejects all conventions by doing without any traditional gameplay elements in the usual sense, a contrast to video games. Instead, it functions as a first-person game, an atmospherically dense storytelling experiment that focuses solely on a narrative shrouded in mystery about love, loss, guilt and redemption. The combination of stunning landscape images, a narrative that repeatedly leads the player astray and the soundtrack by the award-winning composer Jessica Curry was celebrated as a milestone in the games industry, one that founded a new genre, the walking simulator. Experience the story of »Dear Esther« as it is projected on a large screen and realised by musicians and a narrator in the form of a live audio-visual performance during the Germany premiere of its German-language version!

Simon Scardifield speaker
Joanna L'Estrange soprano
Thomas McMullan gameplay
Andrew Beaton electronics
Tom Piggott-Smith violin
Natalia Bonner violin
Rachel Robson viola
N.N. violoncello
Iain Farrington piano and direction

Tickets: € 25 (reduced € 18)

presented by ShoppingWelt dodenhof
and team neusta