20. AUGUST – 10. SEPTEMBER 2022



Musikfest Surprise III: »Somewhere Different«

Brandee Younger (© Erin Patrice Obrien)

Brandee Younger (© Erin Patrice Obrien)

Thursday , 01.09.22 - 9:00 pm

Works from the album »Somewhere Different« etc.

The classical harp and jazz – surely that can’t work? Think again! This is demonstrated masterfully by the American harpist Brandee Younger, who succeeds in blending classical, jazz and contemporary forms of R&B, hip-hop and funk. A musician and composer who transcends boundaries, she has dazzled on stage alongside big names across genres including Ravi Coltrane, Christian McBride, John Legend, Pharoah Sanders, Common and Lauryn Hill. For her major label debut »Somewhere Different« on the renowned jazz label Impulse! Records, she finally focused on the multifaceted nature of her instrument with artful arrangements and orchestrations. Never denying the classical background of the harp, she simultaneously conjures up sparkling and floating, often gripping and powerful jazz and soul sounds from her instrument. Together with her fellow musicians, she evokes lavish soundscapes, in which the mystical allure of the harp can be experienced in a radically new way with soulful ballads, pulsating funk beats and buzzing grooves - what a discovery!

Brandee Younger Trio:
Brandee Younger harp
Rahsaan Carter bass
Allan Mednard percussion

Tickets: € 30 (reduced € 24)

presented by dodenhof and swb