28. AUGUST – 18. SEPTEMBER 2021

»Franko-flämische Vokalnacht«



»Franko-flämische Vokalnacht«

The Tallis Scholars (© The Tallis Scholars)

The Tallis Scholars (© The Tallis Scholars)

Friday , 03.09.21 - 7:00 pm

»Josquin 500«: Walking concert on the 500th anniversary of the death of Josquin Desprez
Josquin Desprez: Missa Hercules dux Ferrariae
Heinrich Isaac: »Regina caeli«, »Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen«

Estimated concert duration 45 minutes

On 27 August 1521, Josquin Desprez, arguably the greatest composer of the Renaissance, died. Born around 1450 near Saint-Quentin in the north of France, he was both a singer at the Papal Chapel in Rome and Martin Luther’s favourite composer and was highly sought after by the courts of the rich and mighty all over Europe. With him, Franco-Flemish polyphony reached its zenith. Over the last four decades, the Tallis Schollars and their musical director Peter Phillips have established themselves as the world’s leading exponents of this music. In a promenade concert starting with the magnificent »Missa Hercules dux Ferrariae«, they will show audiences how Josquin remained an undisputed authority and inspiration for the next generation of composers.

Like Josquin, almost all other composers of the Franco-Flemish school came from what is now the border region between France and Belgium, which counted some of Europe’s best centres for musical training at the cathedral schools of Cambrai, St. Quentin and Tournai. Similar to Josquin, his successors travelled far and wide, especially for that time, and worked all over Europe. For them, employment with the powerful north Italian families of the Medici, Sforza, Gonzaga and Este, in the court chapels of the English, Habsburg or French kings and emperors or as Kapellmeister at St. Mark's Basilica in Venice were not the exception, but the norm! Josquin was a master of complexity, skilfully interweaving several equally important simultaneous voices. Rather than sounding dry and mathematical, these sophisticated constructs result in music that burns with expressive power. At the same time, he pioneered the notion of giving the text more importance in music. His successors continued to explore the expressive power of the text, increasing the range of emotions in their music. Experience stirring masterpieces of polyphony, which revolutionised western music with their powerful expressive and creative harmonies!

The Tallis Scholars
Peter Phillips Direction

Free Entry. Advance booking of admission tickets is required (only online).