19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Jeremie Rhorer (© Caroline Doutre)|Olga Peretyatko (© Daniil Rabovsky)

Jeremie Rhorer (© Caroline Doutre)|Olga Peretyatko (© Daniil Rabovsky)

Sunday , 28.08.22 - 7:30 pm

Giuseppe Verdi: »Rigoletto« (concertant)

With »Rigoletto« Giuseppe Verdi achieved his final breakthrough in 1851! The story of this opera that is both touching and horrifying in equal measure: The hunchbacked, sharp-tongued court jester Rigoletto, a humiliated outsider, sets off a tragedy that costs his daughter Gilda her life. The composer relentlessly exploits human light and darkness to create a psychologically sophisticated, profound musical drama that is still just as topical today... The first-class ensemble, led by Dalibor Jenis, Olga Peretyatko and Liparit Avetisyan, savours every note of this tragically moving opera, which Verdi himself considered to be one of his best. Musikfest prize laureate Jérémie Rhorer remains true to his historically informed approach with le Cercle de l'Harmonie, just as he did with »La Traviata« in 2019: instruments from the time of the opera’s composition and a concert pitch of 432 hertz, as preferred by the composer himself. Experience the masterpiece as Verdi might well have had it in mind – or ear – himself when he wrote it!

Le Cercle de l’Harmonie
Liparit Avetisyan tenor (Il Duca di Mantova)
Olga Peretyatko soprano (Gilda)
Dalibor Jenis baritone (Rigoletto)
Adriana Di Paola mezzo soprano (Maddalena)
Alexander Tsymbalyuk bass (Sparafucile)
Nicolas Legoux bass (Graf Monterone)
Yu Shao tenor (Matteo Borsa)
Dominic Sedgwick baritone (Marullo)
Ema Nikolovska mezzo soprano (Giovanna, Page)
Leon Košavić baritone (Graf)
Julie Robard-Gendre Mezzosopran (Gräfin)
Musikfest Bremen Chor (rehearsal: Detlef Bratschke)
Jérémie Rhorer conductor

Tickets: € 98 / 83 / 68 / 50 / 30 (reduced 20%)

supported by Karin und Uwe Hollweg Stiftung