19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Yaron Herman (© Julien Mignot)

Yaron Herman (© Julien Mignot)

Thursday , 07.09.23 - 8:00 pm

Important note: For production reasons, »The Art of Improvisation by Yaron Herman« can unfortunately not be realised and accordingly the corresponding final concert has to be cancelled. Tickets that have already been purchased can be returned to the ticket agencies where they were purchased.

For jazz, the art of improvisation is one of its essential features. Yaron Herman is a master at it: for him, the »leap into the unknown« is a core skill. In keeping with this philosophy, the Israeli-French pianist dared to take this leap on his last album »Alma«: all the tracks were created while recording without prior notation - composition as improvisation. Yaron Herman loves to spontaneously blend jazz with Middle Eastern sounds, European classical music and elements from pop music while improvising. The aim is to unite form, melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre in such a way that the combination of all elements creates a harmonious, organic whole. Yaron Herman will teach the craft of mastering this art in his Musikfest Atelier. In the joint final concert, the participants will transcend the boundaries of genres to let the situation give rise to their very individual improvisations full of spontaneity and emotions!