19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023



Tiburtina Ensemble

Tiburtina Ensemble (© Vojtech Havlik)

Tiburtina Ensemble (© Vojtech Havlik)

Saturday , 19.08.23 - 10:00 pm

»Charlemagne: Charles the Great and Charles IV - The Roman Emperors«

The Tiburtina Ensemble, founded in Prague in 2008, is one of the best in Europe in the field of early music with its exquisitely radiant, perfectly blending female voices. The programme »Charlemagne« combines Gregorian chants celebrating Charles the Great. Partly they originate from his time, partly they were composed at the instigation of the Bohemian king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, who upheld the legacy of his legendary predecessor in 14th century Prague. Experience voices as pure as bells transforming these precious medieval melodies into timelessly beautiful marvels!

Tiburtina Ensemble
Barbora Kabátková
soprano, gothic harp and conductor


In ten venues around the market square, two concerts of 45 minutes each will take place in three time slots, while in our main festival hall the Glocke there will be three concerts. All venues have two common intervals for spontaneous encounters and thought provoking conversations with other festivalgoers. Single tickets for each concert can be booked at the standard price of 30 euros. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to attend one, two or three concerts for the festival’s opening night!

Tickets: € 30 (reduced € 24)

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