19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023




Olga Pashchenko (© Yat Ho Tsang)|Georg Nigl (© Anita Schmid)

Olga Pashchenko (© Yat Ho Tsang)|Georg Nigl (© Anita Schmid)

Monday , 05.09.22 - 8:00 pm

Franz Schubert: "In the open air" D 880, "The Summer Night" D 289, "The Pigeon Mail" D 957, "The Trout" D 550, "The Wanderer to the Moon" D 870, "Evening Star" D 806, "Fischerweise" D 881, »The Winter Evening« D 938, »The Stars« D 939, »To Music« D 547, »Farewell« D 475
Ludwig van Beethoven: »To the Distant Beloved« op. 98
Wolfgang Rihm: »Mixed Dream« (Gryphius piece)

Fortunately, the Lied, which has often been declared dead prematurely, has been experiencing a renaissance again and again - for example with the Austrian baritone Georg Nigl! The singer famous for his portrayals of extreme characters is lauded for his interpretations of, amongst others, Alban Berg's Wozzeck, Claudio Monteverdi's Orfeo or Wolfgang Rihm's Jakob Lenz in opera houses all over the world. In 2017, Rihm composed the expressively dramatic song cycle »Vermischter Traum« for Nigl to texts by the baroque poet Andreas Gryphius. This work is framed with late songs by Schubert and Beethoven's cycle "An die ferne Geliebte". With his supple, bright baritone and subtle representations, Nigl manages to fill these songs with unfiltered emotions devoid from artificial pathos. To accompany him on his journey along the winding paths of the human soul, the pianist Olga Pashchenko is an almost symbiotically connected partner, whether on the fortepiano (Schubert and Beethoven), or on the modern Steinway (Rihm) – this is how recitals should be: enthralling and going straight to the soul.

Georg Nigl baritone
Olga Pashchenko fortepiano and piano

Tickets: € 58 / 48 / 38 / 28 / 15 (reduced 20%)

in cooperation with Philharmonischen Gesellschaft Bremen