20. AUGUST – 10. SEPTEMBER 2022



»Yaron Herman & The Art of Improvisation«

Yaron Herman (© Julien Mignot)

Yaron Herman (© Julien Mignot)

Thursday , 08.09.22 - 7:00 pm

The art of improvisation - in today's understanding of music, it is first and foremost associated with jazz. A master at this is Yaron Herman. When improvising, the Israeli-French pianist loves the freedom to combine contemporary jazz with sounds from the Middle East, European classical music and elements of pop music to form an organic whole. But every form of improvisation also carries a risk! Which inspires his creativity all the more, says Yaron Herman, because he is convinced: »Musicians have to be prepared to jump off cliffs«. In the Musikfest Atelier »The Art of Improvisation«, Herman taught young musicians the art of mastering this leap and »reading« the playing of their fellow participants, which lasted several days. The atelier was not only addressed to trained jazz pianists, so that the field of participants and their associated musical orientation was very broad. Because of the different instruments, a joint final Atelier concert would have involved a lot of stage modification work from a technical point of view. Therefore, it was decided that the evening concert in the Glocke would be reserved solely for Yaron Herman's improvisational skills, in keeping with the motto: »When you know what's coming, it's no longer jazz!«

Yaron Herman piano

Tickets: € 30 (reduced € 24)

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