19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023


They are considered the Stradivarius among organs: the instruments of the legendary master organ builder Arp Schnitger (1648 – 1719) from the Wesermarsch. In the period around 1700 nobody else built so many magnificent and organs with such beautiful sound. Whether Bach, Handel or Buxtehude, the most eminent composers admired and valued his instruments. Since 2010, the Musikfest Bremen has focused on Arp Schnitger's legacy and has organised unique concerts in the organ paradise around Bremen. The master passed on his outstanding skills to selected journeymen, among them talented organ builders such as Christian Vater (1679 – 1756). Two of his organs, as well as an instrument by Erasmus Bielfeldt (1682 – 1753) can also be heard in concert, highlighting the unique northern European musical culture. (www.arp-schnitger-kulturerbe.de).




Arp-Schnitger-Festival I: VON ITALIEN GEN NORDEN

Wednesday , 23. August , 8:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival II: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH

Thursday , 24. August , 8:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival III: HÄNDEL IN ITALIEN

Friday , 25. August , 8:00 pm