19. AUGUST – 09. SEPTEMBER 2023

Musikfest Surprise

MUSIKFEST SUPRISE – ready for surprises?
A surprise package you look forward to every year that lights up again at the end of each summer: That sounds very much like MUSIKFEST SURPRISE, the series that dazzles like fireworks in ever new colours and sparks excitement! Crossing musical borders is the norm and categories like serious or popular music are left behind. Instead, we want styles to mix and boundaries to blur, building unexpected bridges between them to reflect a perpetually changing musical landscape. A global musical awareness in the 21st century must include relating apparent opposites to one another and questioning traditional listening habits. This is where classical meets electronica, jazz meets indie pop and orient meets occident. MUSIKFEST SURPRISE is the experimental laboratory for events that, with their refreshing new ideas, cannot be pigeonholed - set in a suitably relaxed club atmosphere with free seating and drinks served at little tables.




Musikfest Surprise I: MAMMAL HANDS

Tuesday , 22. August , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise II: NORDSNØ ENSEMBLE

Wednesday , 23. August , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise III: JAS KAYSER & CHUMS

Thursday , 24. August , 9:00 pm