28. AUGUST – 18. SEPTEMBER 2021

Musikfest Surprise

MUSIKFEST SUPRISE - sometimes it's high time for a surprise! Musical cross-overs are the order of the day here and categories such as "classical" and "popular" are thrown out. Instead the mixing of styles and the blurring of boundaries is welcomed, with unexpected bridges being built to reflect the ever-changing world of music. In the 21st century, a global understanding of music must also include connecting apparent opposites and questioning traditional listening habits. Here classical meets electronica, jazz meets indie pop and east meets west. MUSIKFEST SURPRISE is the experimental laboratory for events whose refreshing new ideas mean they cannot be pigeonholed - suitably presented in a relaxed club atmosphere.



Musikfest Surprise I: »Infinite Spaces«

Tuesday , 07. September , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise III: »Wonderbloom«

Thursday , 09. September , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise IV: »Cyrille's Variety«

Friday , 10. September , 9:00 pm