Musikfest Surprise

Be honest now: We all love surprises, don’t we? Of course we do, you never know what you will receive! But that is what makes surprises so thrilling and exciting! So why not give in to temptation and take a chance? At MUSIK FESTIVAL SURPRISE! This is the continuation of the series that, as a laboratory for unconventional programmes, does not deign even to respond to questions about unambiguous categorisations. Styles become mixed, unexpected groupings meet up with one another for mutual inspiration and disregard of boundaries between genres; new concert formats as well as unexpected bridges between European music tradition and the influence of other cultures are presented. All of this takes place in a club atmosphere of small tables and chairs, open seating and beverage service. So — ready for surprises?



Musikfest Surprise I: »Dulcimer Trio«

Tuesday , 04. September , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise II: »Dear Esther«

Wednesday , 05. September , 9:00 pm



Musikfest Surprise III: »Thousands of Miles«

Thursday , 06. September , 9:00 pm