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Supporting the Music Festival Bremen has a long tradition — since the founding of the Festival, numerous companies and private supporters have demonstrated their Hanseatic loyalty in supporting the Festival so that cultural highlights are brought to Bremen and the north-western region between the Ems, Weser and Elbe. There are many different opportunities for support of the Festival, always tailored to the specific situation and planned in collaboration with the general manager and the Music Festival team.

This path brings together Music Festival culture and corporate culture for the realisation of individual wishes and common goals under the banner of culture. The loyalty of our current sponsors and partnerships proves that this form of collaboration is the right one for us; supporters and artists feel equally at home at the Music Festival Bremen because of the personal “accent” and the loving attention to detail. This collaboration and the trust that grows out of it lead to genuine “artist” friendships which help to maintain and steadily develop further both the familiarity and the artistic quality of the Festival.
We have prepared an overview of the opportunities for support and the related benefits on the following pages. When you decide to support the Music Festival Bremen, we will be happy to sit down with you so that we can together determine the best path for you to take.


Main sponsors join the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen to provide long-term financial security for the Festival and are an important pillar for the realisation of the Festival programme in its entirety. Naturally, sponsoring includes the exclusive presentation of concerts, the organisation of private concerts, invitations to exclusive events, all of the marketing services in return and an all-inclusive service ranging from ticket bookings for complimentary and purchased tickets to support for the organisation of receptions. The objective is to channel our joint efforts to the further development of the Festival.

Project sponsors make a major contribution to the strengthening and enhancing of cross-Festival projects, series, artists in residence or cooperation with internationally renowned festivals and institutions such as the Salzburg Mozart Week, the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence or the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord Paris. Extensive marketing services emphasising the role as project sponsor are included in the package of services, along with preferred ticket bookings, invitations to exclusive Music Festival events and the provision of ticket allocations as well as the organisation of receptions.

Foundations support a broad range of Festival areas, depending on their own orientation and the amount of the support, and receive a donation certificate, the required payment vouchers and any analyses they may require.

Concert sponsors assume the exclusive sponsorship of a Festival concert we have selected together. Numerous marketing services in return featuring exclusive designation of the sponsor in the concert advertising are a part of the service packages as well as a certain number of complimentary tickets, opportunities for preferred ticket bookings, invitations to exclusive Music Festival events, support and coordination of receptions and much more.

Co-sponsors join other partners to support a Music Festival concert. Invitations to exclusive events, complimentary tickets and support for the organisation of receptions are included in the package of services in addition to marketing services in return calling attention to the role as co-sponsor.

Companies which support the Music Festival both financially as well as idealistically, but do not wish to sponsor a specific Music Festival concert, become corporate sponsors. Management board members or managing directors are invited to exclusive Music Festival events. Moreover, companies receive an employee discount on tickets for selected concerts and, depending on the amount of the support, complimentary tickets.

Concert venue partnerships can enrich the Music Festival by providing unconventional venues such as industrial halls, warehouses, ships or trains. This not only creates exclusivity and originality in a very special way, but also offers an opportunity to explore the region culturally — appreciated by concert visitors and sponsors in equal measure. Marketing services in return and complimentary tickets for the concert are a part of the service package.

Counties can achieve a great benefit for the image in the field of cultural offerings, instead of starting their own cultural excellence initiative with the intended supra-regional impact through the laborious and much more costly development. Through extensive and high-class marketing activities of the festival as a whole as well as of the individual concert offers in detail, the Musikfest Bremen also and especially from this point of view has an effect far beyond the region. The district lives up to its social and cultural responsibility and thus manages to motivate skilled workers to move to the area.

Towns and municipalities benefit from the positive reputation of the brand within the framework of the existing and established premium cultural brand "Musikfest Bremen" without having to launch their own advertising campaign, which would involve a considerably higher financial outlay in the millions. The nationwide highly professional marketing of the Musikfest Bremen represents a considerable image gain for cities and communities.

Patrons support the Festival programme as a whole, specific artistic projects, young performers or artists in residence according to their personal preferences and receive a donation certificate in addition to their very personal Music Festival experiences.

Please contact us for additional information about the various sponsoring models and the opportunities to become involved!For more information concerning the single types of sponsoring and the scopes of supporting the Musikfest Bremen please contact us at:

Musikfest Bremen
Mrs Annabel Brown
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