17. AUGUST‒ 07. SEPTEMBER 2024




Musica Fiata (© Alicja Piekarska)

Musica Fiata (© Alicja Piekarska)

Heinrich Schütz: Magnificat SWV 468, Psalm 85 »Herr, der Du bist vormals genädig gewest« SWV 461
Matthias Weckmann: Praeambulum, »Es erhub sich ein Streit«, Sonata II a 4, »Wenn der Herr die Gefangenen zu Zion«
Dieterich Buxtehude: Ciaconna in E minor BuxWV 160
Johann Sebastian Bach: »Nach dir Herr verlanget mich« BWV 150

Roland Wilson, Musica Fiata and La Capella Ducale have specialised in performing music from the 16th and 17th century for decades now. The Holy Roman Empire of German Nations was overshadowed by the plague and the 30 Years War at first, but with Heinrich Schütz, it also gave us one of the most important composers in the history of music. With their interpretations and recordings of his works, Roland Wilson and his ensembles have continued to raise the bar, for which they were awarded the International Heinrich Schütz Prize in 2023. The sublimely glorious Magnificat and the sweeping setting of Psalm 85 show us Schütz at the height of his powers. One of his master students at the Dresden court was Matthias Weckmann, who would later herald a new golden age of music in Hamburg as organist of the St. Jacobi church. In neighbouring Lübeck, Dieterich Buxtehude added musical brilliance with his Ciaconna in E minor. The young Bach’s debt to these three composers is clear in one of his earliest church cantatas „Nach dir Herr verlanget mich“. With the Schnitger organ and the seductive sounds of cornetts and trombones, this concert promises to transport the audience back to the musical reality of that time.

Musica Fiata
La Capella Ducale
Arno Schneider Organ
Roland Wilson Conductor

Tickets € 32 (concessions € 26)

Bus shuttle Bremen – Ganderkesee – Bremen / Departure and arrival times:
Departure Domsheide: 6:00 pm
Start of concert: 7:00 pm
Departure venue: ca. 8:30 pm
Arrival Domsheide: ca. 9:05 pm
Ticket price: 15 EUR
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