Born in the village Schmalenfleth in the Wesermarsch and baptised on 9 July 1648 in the church in the neighbouring Golzwarden, Arp Schnitger died in July 1719. On 28 July 2019, the day of his funeral in St Pancras’s Church in Hamburg Neuenfelde will come around for the 300th time. Reason enough to pay worthy tribute to this outstanding organ builder and his singular oeuvre within the framework of what is now the 10th Arp Schnitger Festival during the 30th Bremen Music Festival!

There are a number of aspects behind the »Schnitger phenomenon«. Even during his lifetime, he became the organ builder with the most extensive list of works and the geographically most widespread distribution of his instruments: from Moscow in the east to England in the west and to Portugal in the south — and all the way to Brazil as of 1752, when the king of Portugal sent an organ to the city of Mariana as a gift. His dominance in the time around 1700 was powerful enough to influence the further development of the European organ culture until well into the 19th century.

The symbiosis of craftsmanship and engineering, architecture, sculpture and painting as well as his physical, chemical and technical expertise found in the wealth of the catalogue of his works is unique. Owing to their high quality and reliably functioning technology, Schnitger’s large organs rank even today among the tonally most complex musical instruments ever built. Today, 45 organs and façades of Schnitger’s have been preserved worldwide. In conjunction with the many later instruments built in Schnitger’s style all around the world and the dissemination of their sounds on audio carriers, they have made a decisive impact on today’s understanding of organ music from the baroque period. The »Schnitger phenomenon« has in the 21st century long since become a synonym for the unique North European organ culture in the baroque period. (www.arp-schnitger-kulturerbe.de).



Arp-Schnitger-Festival II: »Freu dich sehr«

Monday , 26. August , 8:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival III: »Komm, heiliger Geist«

Tuesday , 27. August , 6:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival VI: »Kommet her zu mir alle«

Thursday , 29. August , 8:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival VII: »Wege zu Bach«

Friday , 30. August , 7:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival VIII: »Souvenirs«

Saturday , 31. August , 6:00 pm



Arp-Schnitger-Festival IX: »An Wasserflüssen Babylon«

Saturday , 31. August , 8:00 pm